How To Protect Your Furniture From Heat & Sun Damage

While we may enjoy basking in the sun, it is a well known fact that it is not healthy to do so. There are obvious reasons to avoid the sun. While necessary for us to enjoy life on this planet, we should avoid prolonged exposure to the sun because it can be destructive.

According to the Library of Congress, lack of  proper protection from the sun’s rays subjects the contents of your home to fading (also known as photodegradation). Furniture and drapes immediately come to mind but there is so much more that is affected by the sun. Ultraviolet rays break down the dyes in everyday objects in our homes causing the colors to fade – it has a bleaching effect. Some objects are especially prone to fading, such as dyed textiles.

Interestingly, I can attest to the fading of furniture based upon my personal experience. I recently purchased a model home which was furnished and had no window treatments. The windows in the family room have a SouthEast exposure with full sun every morning until about 1:00 pm. I assumed the blue chair was a light denim color; however, when I removed the decorative pillow, I discovered it was originally a bright blue.

Blue chair with pillow          blue chair with pillow removed

Sunlight will fade quartz counter tops. Dark colors are noticeably faded in just a few weeks of direct sunlight. Hard wood flooring is also subject to fading. It is obvious when you move a rug by a window without shades, drapes or an awning, you’ll see the floor under the rug is a different color than the exposed flooring.

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will fade the colors in artwork, whether it is an oil painting, watercolor or print. It is important to consider this when hanging artwork.

Of course, there are other benefits of protecting your home’s interior from ultraviolet rays. During the warmer months, your home will be noticeably cooler, thus saving money on air conditioning.

So How Do You, As A Homeowner, Deal With The Sun?

Dutchess Awnings has suggestions!

1)  Interior Roller Shades

We offer Eclipse interior mounted retractable shades, both manually operated or motorized which are available in several styles. These shades feature GreenGuard Certified fabrics that are ideal for any residential or commercial location.

2)  Window and Door Awnings

Earlier I mentioned that window awnings are a popular option to block the sun’s UV rays. These window awnings protect your possessions, save $$ on energy bills, offer protection from the elements and add curb appeal.

Let us help you deal with the sun. Give us a call at (845) 226-3039 and in Connecticut, (203) 942-2474


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