Windows, Doors & Walkways

Windows, Door Awnings & Walkways

Window & Door Awnings Add a Touch of Curb Appeal & Functionality

  • Window, Door, and Walkway awnings are custom fitted.
  • Offer Advertising Space. Take advantage of that advertising space and promote your business using window and door awnings!
  • Keeps your home cooler. You’ll save on air conditioning costs!
  • Fabric. Our woven acrylic fabric comes in a wide variety of colors. These minimal maintenance fabrics are also mold, mildew and fade resistant.
  • Our Window & Door awnings are available in aluminum, fabric, and vinyl.

Dutchess Awnings offers fixed or retractable window awnings. These custom designed fabric or vinyl awnings are always made to your order and will enhance your home or office.


  • Maximize indoor comfort and reduce your energy costs
  • Prevent fading of furnishings and floor coverings
  • Provide protection from elements
  • Add color and style to your home or business

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