Windows, Doors & Walkways

Windows, Door Awnings & Walkways

Window & Door Awnings Add a Touch of Curb Appeal & Functionality

  • Window, Door, and Walkway awnings are custom fitted.
  • Offer Advertising Space.¬†Take advantage of that advertising space and promote your business using window and door awnings!
  • Keeps your home cooler. You’ll save on air conditioning costs!
  • Fabric. Our woven acrylic fabric comes in a wide variety of colors. These minimal maintenance fabrics are also mold, mildew and fade resistant.
  • Our Window & Door awnings are available in¬†aluminum, fabric, and vinyl.

Dutchess Awnings offers fixed or retractable window awnings. These custom designed fabric or vinyl awnings are always made to your order and will enhance your home or office.


  • Maximize indoor comfort and reduce your energy costs
  • Prevent fading of furnishings and floor coverings
  • Provide protection from elements
  • Add color and style to your home or business