Cleaning Your Awning | Maintaining & Repairing Awning Fabric

Fall has arrived! The warm Summer days are a memory and it is time to put the patio furniture in the shed, close the pool for the season, and take a close look at your awning. Your awning has served you well with very little or no maintenance required. However, wear & tear and age can cause the seams to weaken. The cold Winter months are the perfect time to allow Dutchess Awnings to reinforce all stitching if it is needed.Brown-1 During the awning season, your awning can accumulate dust, pollen, bird droppings, etc. Mildew will not grow on an awning of woven acrylic fabric such as Sunbrella unless there is organic matter on the fabric. That’s why an occasional rinse with the garden hose is a good idea. To maintain your fabric, gently brush off any solid debris. Then, with the hose, spray the awning fabric. You may use a soft bristle brush and warm soapy water to spot clean; then rinse with the hose. There are times when this is not enough. Older awnings may be soiled to the point where they require a professional cleaning. Some smaller awnings, such as door and window awnings may be cleaned on site using environmentally friendly chemicals. In many instances, however, the awning fabric must be removed from the frame and hand scrubbed. After a thorough cleaning,  the fabric is rinsed, treated to restore water repellency and dried.

dirty awning 1 being cleaneddrying after repellant is applied

Occasionally, the awning may be in good shape but the valance may appear frayed. Dutchess Awnings can clean the valance and our sewer can replace the binding. This will enhance the appearance of your awning and give it that crisp, new look.

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