Choosing the Right Awning For Your Home: Retractable, Stationary or Pergola/Canopy

The majority of homeowners, when considering an awning or canopy for their deck or patio, choose a retractable awning. However, before making a decision there are several points which should be considered.

 At Dutchess Awnings, we ask, “how do you plan to use the awning?”  If you are looking for shade on demand and, in the case of light rain showers, protection from the rain, then a retractable awning is the right choice.

A stationary (also referred to as a patio) awning is another option. Dutchess Awnings custom designs and builds the galvanized steel frame and assembles it at your home. This way we can accomodate a unique structural feature such as pop-outs or chimneys, etc. We install the fabric on the frame which should be removed each Fall, before the first snow. Fabric takedown is something you can do yourself; however, we recommend having a qualified professional installer like Dutchess Awnings place the fabric on the frame each Spring.  The great thing about owning a stationary awning is it provides you with shade all Summer as well as protection from the rain!

Some homeowners opt for a pergola which is often referred to as a canopy. Pergolas offer all the advantages of a retractable or stationary awning while adding unique esthetic appeal. A pergola can be free standing, mounted to a roof or wall, or any other outdoor structure. We custom build your pergola to fit your space with decorative rafters using a maintanance free framework and a retractable canopy which you can easily open and close.

By offering only the best quality vinyl acrylic fabric, such as Sunbrella, our customers can expect a fade resistant, water resistant awning which will provide years of dependable service. Like many home improvement projects, the value you received is typically comparable to the price you paid. Because an awning is expected to provide years of dependable service, quality is one area where a homeowner should never skimp. Always ask yourself these questions before making home improvement decisions based on price. Who will answer my questions? Who will install it? Who do I call if I need a repair? What are other customers saying on-line about this product? Big box store prices can be appealing, but always remember, “you get what you pay for”.

An awning is an investment. It’s practical because it turns a hot, sunny deck into a shady, comfortable place to relax. Make your outdoor space your own and remember, we have hundreds of fabric colors and patterns from which to choose!

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