Retractable Awnings, Stationary Awnings & Window/Door Awnings

The purpose of an awning is to provide shelter from the elements, shade from the hot sun and a canopy to protect you from the rain.  Some homes lend themselves well to a retractable awning, others do better with a stationary or patio awning.

Dutchess AwningsA retractable awning can be mounted on the side of your home or on the roof.  With the ease of a remote control, it will project or retract as you wish.  If you choose a motorized model, we provide a manual override so you can still enjoy your awning  should you experience a power failure.  Manually operated retractables (without a motor) are also available.

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If your patio or deck is better suited to a stationary awning, our installers assemble a custom built frame of galvanized metal and custom fit the fabric of your choice.  The fabric is placed on the frame every Spring and removed in the Fall, before the first snow storm. This is something you may choose to do yourself or a crew from Dutchess Awnings can do this for you.

Both options allow you, the homeowner, to outsmart the weather.  It can be up to 20 degrees cooler under an awning which makes it the perfect place to be on a hot summer day!  It’s like adding another room to your home.

Dutchess AwningsWindow and door awnings can add charm to your home and certainly add curb appeal.  Both block the sun’s rays and also keep the interior cooler.  They’re available in a variety of styles and we are careful to consider the type of architecture when making recommendations.

An awning prevents the sun’s rays from entering your home which keeps the interior cooler, thus saving on your air conditioning bill.  .  An added bonus is the sun will not fade your furniture or carpeting.     However, in the Winter months, some styles may be retracted, allowing the sun’s rays to warm your room, if desired.  We at Dutchess Awnings feature high quality woven acrylic fabric only so you’re assured of protection not only from the elements but also the sun’s harmful UB and UV rays.

As you can see, awnings offer a wide variety of benefits.  Please stop by the Dutchess Awnings showroom located at 136 Clove Branch Road, Hopewell Junction, New York or visit our website at  We look forward to hearing from you and  will be happy to discuss your awning needs.


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